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Certified Lactation Counselor
Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula



Help parents navigate through pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and infant feeding.

What does a Lactation Counselor do? A lactation specialist helps by discussing specific breastfeeding/bodyfeeding goals. This can be done during pregnancy and/or postpartum. Whether that goal is nursing at the breast, bottle feeding breastmilk, or a combination of the two! A plan will be made to see that you can successfully manage your milk supply, and work towards your breastfeeding goals. A Lactation Counselor can asses your babies ability to transfer milk and offer support if improvements are needed.  As your Lactation Counselor and Doula I want to ensure you are referred to the appropriate local resources. Should you re think your feeding goals, a Lactation Counselor is a wonderful and supportive resource to help you navigate many different ways of infant feeding!

Studies show 80% of parents initiate breastfeeding, but 60% of those parents don't meet their own breastfeeding goals. This is telling that our medical providers are not preparing or educating parents on lactation management. That's where Certified Lactation Counselors, Certified Breastfeeding Specialists, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants come in. 

What is a Doula? A Doula provides families with information, resources, advocacy skills, physical and emotional support during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. Postpartum Doulas can help with many different things- placenta care, infant feeding, infant soothing and coping skills, light housework such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, and helping older siblings adjust. A Postpartum Doula can be a safe and neutral space to explore your parenting philosophy with and will provide unbiased support. They can give you ways to advocate for yourself and your baby. Some postpartum doulas like myself, like to incorporate traditional herbs and foods into the postpartum period.


Postpartum parents deserve to stay home and get the help they need

in home postpartum support is more effective

Breastfeeding is natural, but it is not instinctual. This means it is something we have to learn.

Historically we learned about breastfeeding and newborn behavior from watching our family, friends, neighbors, and midwives in mutli generational households. Our survival as a species depended on passing down breastfeeding knowledge, tips, and tricks. 

In the last 100 years most people have not actually seen breastfeeding or normal newborn/postpartum behaviors.

Because of this, many parents go into birth and postpartum with unrealistic expectations of how birth, feeding, and postpartum will go. Studies show that unrealistic expectations lead to higher reports of birth trauma, and postpartum mood disorders.  

A hospital setting is not the most effective environment to support parents with breastfeeding  and postpartum healing.

Supporting breastfeeding and postpartum recovery is not supposed to be a clinical experience. We are expecting postpartum people who are sore, leaking fluids, possibly stitched up, and processing one of the most emotional events in their lives, to pack up their newborn in any weather, into a car seat the baby probably hates, drive to the nearest hospital, check in, wait, then nurse their baby on command in a 45 minute time slot, for a lady they have never met, in an office they have never seen.

We are also expecting babies to preform normally in a setting that is completely abnormal to them. 

How can we accurately assess and provide the best care for families? We need to step back to a time when postpartum care was offered in home. When babies and the birthing person were the center of care.



Breastfeeding and Postpartum is public health 

It is my goal to offer public events through out the year to help educate and empower our community! Through educational events I hope to improve our communities breastfeeding rates. By improving breastfeeding rates, we improve the long-term emotional and physical health of mothers and children!


The Milky Way Breastfeeding Documentary

March 12th, 2022

The Milk Lady Lactation Counseling's first public event! This was a free showing of The Milky Way, a 2014 breastfeeding documentary that highlights how Sweden achieves such high breastfeeding rates. This event was held at The Garland Movie Theater for a vintage film experience. Beer, wine, and spirits were available. A raffle was held announcing 6 winners of prizes donated by local businesses! Attendees took home complimentary gift bags with local resources and swag!

Chocolate Milk Documentary- Black Breastfeeding Awareness Week

August 26th, 2022

The Milk Lady Lactation Counseling and The Learning Project Network present Spokane's first Black Breastfeeding Awareness Event. This was a private screening of Chocolate Milk the documentary by director Elizabeth Bayne. Chocolate Milk examines how the socioeconomic factors of race and sex influence breastfeeding rates for black mothers in America through the stories of three women.

IMG_3487 (1).HEIC

Mom Congress Convention

September 18-21, 2022

Mom Congress™ is the policy organization for moms in the U.S. – a mother’s membership organization that is addressing the most pressing policy issues of motherhood including what we call the “motherload” (the stress that U.S. mothers carry, at higher rates than other developed countries).
The Milk Lady Lactation Counseling and 10 other Spokane maternal health advocates went to Washington DC to attend a 3 day maternal health convention, and meet with Washington State Senators to discuss important maternal health bills.


Health & Wellness

It is my top priority to keep postpartum families healthy. I always wash my hands first thing upon arrival. I wear nitrile medical gloves for all oral examination of infants. Per request I will wear a face mask. If I am feeling ill, I will notify you as soon as possible to re schedule our appointment. Alternatively, I can offer another lactation or doula resource.


My Services


Breastfeeding Support

Birth & Postpartum Doula 

The Milk Lady Lactation Counseling is out of network, meaning self-pay. I accept payment plans on packages over $300.

The Milk Lady Lactation Counseling offers a sliding scale fee for BIPOC and Teen Parents

If you are located 15+ miles outside of Spokane, WA there is an additional travel fee


In Home Simplicity
Lactation Package


1 initial consultation 90-120min

1 follow up 90min

Secure client portal

Secure messaging (24/7 14 days)

  • Secure client portal

  • 1 full mom/baby history

  • 2 feeding assessments

  • 2 weighted feeds (if applicable)

  • 2 flange fittings & pump assessments (if applicable)

  • 1 initial plan

  • 1 follow up plan

  • secure messaging 14 days

  • emotional support

  • resources


In Home Confidence

Lactation Package


1 prenatal breastfeeding class

1 prenatal virtual 1:1

1 initial postpartum  

1 follow up 

Secure messaging 14 Days

  • 2 admissions to 1 Breastfeeding Group Class

  • 1 60min virtual 1:1 prenatal

  • 1 full mom/baby history

  • 2 feeding assessments

  • 2 weighted feeds (if applicable)

  • 2 flange fittings & pump assessments (if applicable)

  • 1 initial plan 

  • 1 follow up plan


In Home Lactation
Postpartum Consultation


*The first in home visit for someone who has not yet established care.

Secure client portal

1 in home initial postpartum visit 120min

Secure messaging 7 days

  • 1 full mom/baby history

  • 1 feeding assessment

  • 1 weighted feed (if applicable)

  • 1 flange fitting/ pump assessment (if applicable)

  • 1 initial plan

  • emotional support

  • resources

  • secure messaging 7 days after appointment


Follow Up

In Home Lactation

Postpartum Consultation

60min - 90min

*This is a follow-up for someone who has already established care.

Secure client portal

1 in home lactation follow up

Secure messaging 7 days

  • Check Progress 

  • 1 Feeding Assessment

  • 1 Weighted feed (if applicable)

  • 1 Flange fitting & pumping assessment (if applicable)

  • 1 Follow up plan

  • Emotional support & resources

  • Secure messaging 7 days after appointment


Virtual Postpartum

Lactation Consultation


For someone who would like breastfeeding help over secure video chat. During this time we will address all of your questions and concerns. I will update your secure client portal with a plan we agree upon together. 

Secure client portal

Full mom/baby history

1 secure video chat

1 plan

Emotional support & resources


Virtual Prenatal

Breastfeeding Package

2 hour virtual prenatal breastfeeding class + 1 hour Q&A
Secure client portal

For someone who would like to do a 3hr prenatal breastfeeding class over secure video chat.

  • Breastfeeding packet for you to keep


Lactation Confidence + Postpartum Doula


(accepting payment plans)

Sliding scale for BIPOC and teen parents

  • 1 Prenatal breastfeeding class

  • Secure client portal

  • 1 Prenatal in home 1:1

  • 1 Prenatal pedicure with LNT

  • 8hrs in home postpartum doula/lactation services (2-4 in home visits in the first 3 weeks)

  • 2 nourishing freezer meals

  • 1 postpartum healing gift basket

  • 1 postpartum in home massage w/ LMT

  • Bengkung belly binding

  • 5+ edited postpartum lifestyle photos

  • 4 weeks secure messaging


Birth Doula + Lactation Confidence + Postpartum Doula


(accepting payment plans)

Sliding scale for BIPOC and teen parents

Upon signing contract client agrees to take a birth class prior to 37 weeks.

Local birth class resources will be provided upon request. Birth class is not included in this package

  • 1 Prenatal breastfeeding class

  • Secure client portal

  • 2 in home prenatal 1:1 (birth/postpartum plan and comfort measures)

  • 1 prenatal pedicure w/ LNT

  • 1 prenatal massage with LMT

  • On call for your birth 24/7 after 38+ weeks but available prior just in case. 

  • Emotional and physical support during labor and postpartum

  • Comfort measures during labor and postpartum

  • Birth advocacy (if desired)

  • 8hrs lactation/postpartum doula services used in the first 3 weeks after birth

  • 1 Postpartum in home massage w/ LMT

  • 3 Nourishing freezer meals

  • 1 Postpartum healing gift basket

  • Bengkung belly binding

  • Placenta art print, dried cord, and encapsulation, raw prep, or burial dressing

  • Secure messaging from date of signed contract-4 weeks postpartum

  • 10+ images from labor, birth & postpartum


Postpartum Doula By The Hour


Easily add postpartum doula support to your lactation appointment.

  • help with baby wrap

  • help with bathing/co bathing

  • help with baby care

  • light cooking

  • light housework

  • light sibling care

  • errands

  • provide resources

Young Couple Expecting

Prenatal Breastfeeding Group Class
offered in Spokane & Coeur d'Alene


Admission for two people to one 3 hour prenatal breastfeeding class. 

  • Take home a breastfeeding packet

  • Play games

  • Enjoy snacks and refreshments



"Megan is absolutely amazing! She is so genuine and truly makes you feel so comfortable and empowered. She was the first person to actually listen to my concerns and take the time to really figure out what was going on. I wish I would have had her around when I first started out my breastfeeding journey.” - Lexi

"After finding out my son had a tongue, lip and cheek tie, Megan was quick to not only empathize with my pain that I was experiencing but she was quick to provide me with the needed recourses to quickly resolve my son's ties. Megan referred us to a pediatric dentist who uses state of the art laser technology to correct the oral ties. I was so pleased with the loving staff and all of the support they provided my family. Without Megan's referral, my breastfeeding journey would have likely come to an end. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with Megan in such a vulnerable point in my journey through motherhood" -Caitlin

"As a first time mom with birth scares and concerns about breastfeeding, Megan was nothing but helpful, calming and reassuring, and so positive and informative. I was able to talk to her about how I wanted my birth to look and she helped calm my fears. I actually went into labor very calm because of her. Once I had my little one she was able to guide me and answer all of my questions with positive reinforcement. She did a great job at giving me all the information I needed without being confusing. She helped me understand a good latch to prevent nipple pain. She helped me understand how to pump to avoid engorgement, but not create an over supply. Without Megan I never would have felt so confident to exclusively breastfeed." -Paris


Meet The Milk Lady

Megan Macy, CLC, CD


I am a wife and mother of two, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest by a single father. My husband and I have lived all over Washington State. We decided to move back to our hometown of Spokane in 2018 to start our family. I fell in love with the journey of motherhood, and especially the natural process of birth and breastfeeding after watching my first birth documentary at the age of 16.

After facing my own reproductive issues, breastfeeding's challenges, and postpartum anxiety, I knew I wanted to find a way to help other parents.  

My career path has not been straight and narrow. Originally, I followed my childhood dream into veterinary medicine. For almost 3 years I worked as a veterinary assistant in South Seattle and Tacoma. I attained my medications clerks license, and x-ray badge. I desperately needed a light hearted change. So, I managed a boutique coffee shop in Point Ruston for 2 years. Following coffee, I went into sales and marketing for luxury car brands, romantic bed and breakfasts, and dessert catering.

After having my first child at home in 2019 with local midwives, I had a Lactation Consultant come right to our home twice within the first 5 days. My son and I were struggling, things were extremely painful. I began speaking out on my social media about the difficulties parents can face with breastfeeding. Before I knew it, I had messages coming in asking for help with latch, pain, plugged ducts, and looking for local resources on oral ties. I quickly realized my passion for helping mothers breastfeed. I decided I wanted to make it my career! In 2021 while pregnant with my second child I became a Certified Lactation Counselor recognized by the ALPP. I studied through the Healthy Children Project Center for Breastfeeding.

I hope to be an asset and improve the perinatal health of Spokane community.  

My Certification
My Certification
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My Schooling
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